March 2018
Upcoming Events
  1. Better Process Control School

    March 20 - March 23
  2. Developing & Implementing HACCP for the MEAT & Poultry Industry

    April 24 - April 26
  3. Starting a New Food Business in Georgia

    May 1 - May 2
  4. Preventive Controls for the Fresh-Cut Produce Industry

    May 15 - May 17
  5. Preventive Controls for Nuts Processors

    June 26 - June 28




Dr. Rakesh K. Singh

Professor, Department Head

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Department of Food Science & Technology
University of Georgia
Food Science Bldg., Room 211
100 Cedar Street
Athens, GA 30602-2610

Description of Research Interests

Dr. Singh’s research is focused on value-added processing using various emerging technologies. Projects include developing processes for peanut blanching and crispy products using radiant wall technology.  He is also developing processing protocols for various foods using radio frequency heating technology, and micronization followed by microencapsulation of phytochemicals from fruits. Additionally, these projects require physical and chemical characterization of products and properties of key ingredients.

Selected Recent Publications

Flores, F. P., Singh, R. K., Kerr, W. L., Pegg, R., and Kong, F. 2015. In vitro release properties of encapsulated blueberry (Vaccinium ashei) extracts. Food Chemistry, 168: 225-232.


Kirmaci, B. Singh, R. K. and Shewfelt, R.L. 2015. Consumer acceptability and quality evaluation of potato strips baked in a radiant wall oven. International Journal of Food Properties, 18: 1829-1836.


Nagaraj, G., Singh, R.K., Hung, Y-C., Mohan, A. 2015. Effect of radio-frequency on heating characteristics of beef homogenate blends. LWT – Food Science and Technology, 60: 372-376.


Flores, F. P., Singh, R. K., Kerr, W. L., Phillips, D.R., and Kong, F. 2014. Total phenolics content and antioxidant capacities of microencapsulated blueberry anthocyanins during in vitro digestion. Food Chemistry, 153: 272-278.


Flores, F.P., Singh, R.K. and Kong, F. 2014. Physical and storage properties of spray-dried blueberry pomace extract with whey protein isolate as wall material. Journal of Food Engineering, 137: 1-6.


Nelson, H., Singh, R.K., Avula, R.Y. and Toledo, R.T. 2014. Flux behavior and quality of effluent from a poultry processing plant treated by membrane bioreactor. International Journal of Food Engineering, 10: 51-58.


Purohit, Anuj, Singh, R.K., Kerr, W.L., Mohan, A. 2014. Influence of redox reactive iron, lactate and succinate on the myoglobin redox stability and mitochondrial respiration. Journal of Agriculturaland Food Chemistry, 62(52): 12570-12575.


Flores, F. P., Singh, R. K., Kerr, W. L., Pegg, R., and Kong, F. 2013. Antioxidant and enzyme inhibitory activities of blueberry anthocyanins prepared using different solvents. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61, 4441-4447.


Sivanandan, L. Toledo, R.T. and Singh, R.K. 2013. Modelling the effect of processing parameters of continuous flow high pressure throttling system and microfluidizer on particle size distribution of soymilk. International J. of Food Engineering 9(1): 1-9. Doi 10.1515/ijfe-2012-0005.


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